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Workflows and forms for Business process


Microsoft .NET technology for Web / Windows application.


Node.js Application for real-time applications.


Java Application / Servlet.


Responsive Website for projects of all sizes

iOS Application

Application for mobile & tablet on iOS Platform

Android Application

Application for mobile & tablet on Android Platform


Web Application

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In a competitive business world, Management process in the organization to work effectively and active is important. The development program to meet the complex work is not easy. But you can manage it using K2. K2 is a tool that is capable of handling WorkFlow. K2 was both efficient in creating the forms using "SmartForms" and the workflows were both easy to create and provided great analytical reporting that was an added benefit to our clients.
We are ready to meet the business requirements of all forms of online networking via the Internet. We are designing and developing applications, including databases. The programming language is as follows:
  • Java (JSP and Servlet)
  • PHP
Now, Mobile phone becomes the indispensable part of modern lifestyle. It becomes one among the most important online tools for businesses. Imagine what you can do if you can provide real-time information anywhere your customer goes, track their location and so on. We have a team of professional analysts, designers, and developers. Our team has experience developing applications on iOS and Android platforms. Our Mobile Application Development services include:
  • Organization Self-Service
  • Payment Gateway Integration
  • E-book
  • Education Self-Service

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